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Bohemian Like You: Com Truise (US)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

26. 1. 20:30

There's not even whisper yet, just hints of the new, third album by chillwave sollitaire Seth haley a.k.a. Com Truise - the last record "In Decay" came out in summer 2012 and the long wait since has been only interputed by the "Wave 1" EP. But rejoyce, early next year Seth will roam Europe, and after 4 years will play MeetFactory again. The 19A0's videogame arcade aesthetics has been polished to perfection, so there's lot to look forward to ...

To open for Seth, the talented Slovak duo Jonatán Pastirčák (alias Pjoni) and Michaela Chmeličková (Planeta 220) will arrive to present their new audiovisual project Isama Zing.

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