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13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Silkscreen Workshop

From November 2023, MeetFactory also offers a workshop in the screen printing workshop. During the workshop, you will experience the whole process of screen printing technique, from the stencil on the screen, to printing and washing the photo emulsion from the screen.

Workshop dates >>>

Workshop information:

Workshops are open to ages 12 and up. Workshop is for 1 person but you can come as a couple. If you would like to come with bigger group or to plan a team building activity, for example, please contact the email above. The time commitment is approximately 4 hours. We print on both paper and fabric.

After purchasing the workshop, you will receive an informational email where the instructor will explain all the details and procedures. It is important to think beforehand if you want to print on paper/cardboard or on textiles. The more colours your image has (maximum 4) the less you will print, each colour is printed separately. Please bring your own papers/quarters, white paper will be available in the workshop for test prints. If you want to print on fabric, bring your own. Please keep in mind that you may get paint splattered during the printing process. An apron or shirt will be provided, but you can get your sleeves, legs and shoes dirty. Please bring a plate or tube to take your prints home.

Workshops are English friendly.

About the lecturer:

My name is Gabriela Zajícová, I was born in 1991. I draw, paint and print under the pseudonym Gabu Milford. I studied Hollark, animation at UMPRUM and lived around the world in between.

I enjoy screen printing, I have my own machine, so I will be happy to guide you through the whole process in the MeetFactory workshop from lighting the screen, to printing, to washing the stencil off the screen.


2000 CZK
without documents for illumination

No later than one week before the workshop, you must send the lecturer the image you want to print so that she can prepare it graphically for illumination.

1500 CZK
your own materials for illumination

No later than one week before the workshop, you must send the image you want to print to the instructor so that she can approve that it is in order and correct any mistakes to make it ready for the illumination.

Having your template(s) ready means that you have each coloured part of the image separately in black.

1. You are proficient in a graphics program or someone will prepare it for you:

For example, if you want to print a yellow circle with a red border, one template will be the black circle and the other template will just be the black border of the circle. You and the tutor will work out the colours and mix them on the spot.

2. You can draw the image you want to print at home with black opaque marker (I recommend Edding markers) on transparency film in the size you want to print. The foil can be plain transparent euro wrap or you can buy the foil in stationery shops.

3. You can draw your picture on the spot in the MeetFactory workshop, the foil will be available. It is also possible to cut black paper (bring your own) and screen it as a collage, like a photogram, but in reverse.

Cancellation policy:

7 working days in advance 100% refund

less than 7 working days in advance 50% refund

You find workshop dates here

If the date or time of the workshop does not suit you, or if you are interested in group events or team building, please contact the instructor directly at