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Brigid Mae Power

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

26. 9. 20:00

Brigid Mae Power's dreamy guitar folk set for a Czech premiere

The Irish singer-songwriter's ruminative, atmospheric indie folk is often ethereal and passionate at once. Her 2016 eponymus debut LP received acclaim on both Pitchfork and The Guardian for its focused, droning guitar lines, dreamy ambient soundscapes and hazy vocals.

Following a string of EPs, singles and two more studio albums, Brigid Mae Power expanded her discography last summer with the most elaborate and personal recording to date, Dream From The Deep Well. The album continues BMP's search for intersections between traditional folk stylings and progressive approach to songwriting. Inhabiting the space between the past and the present, Dream From The Deep Well is a record filled with personal tales of offspring and grandparents, the lovelorn and the lost, it’s the essence of re-imagined folk music. Brigid’s evocative vocals alongside strings, steel guitar, horns and mellotron add to the baroque moodiness whilst waving back at her rootsy past, daubing new colours on a much-loved canvas. Modern folk for modern folk.

Brigid Mae Power will bring her new album to MeetFactory in her Czech premiere at the end of September.

390 CZK via MeetFactory & GoOut
450 CZK at the door

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