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GUEST | Elfriede Jelinek: The Pilgrim

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

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script editor: Lucie Ferenzová
stage designer: Mariana Dvořáková
music: Max Dvořák
sound: Tomáš Novotný
production: Magda Juránková
director: Lucie Ferenzová

acting: Jana Kozubková, Anita Krausová and Jindřiška Křivánková

There are only these ones, in this country. And their number is growing, now there is so many of them.”

Jelinek´s drama The Pilgrim is lamentation of the aging man who is giving testimony of Austrian nacism, of stereotypes in Austrian society, of common mentality and uncompromising values of the ferocious market. If you elide all mentions of Austria and let the text to be told by three young Czech women, you get very sarcastic image of current political (and not only political) situation. Which is quite alarming. Nevertheless we are all pilgrims on the road of this Earth separated from the Sun and no one should be taking advantage of the others and yelling: “You fucker !”, as is happening quite often these days, even among people highly placed in our society.
So, if we are to get out of this together, we could walk little bit, “hola hou” through the darkness........ what a beautiful country, Loneli!

This show has been possible to happen thanks to support of City of Prague, State Culture Fund and of The Artist´s Life Foundation.

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Tickets: 200 / 120 / 50 CZK.