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Where Are the Lions? / Ubi sunt leones?| Reopen until 17/12

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Where Are the Lions? / Ubi sunt leones?Where Are the Lions? / Ubi sunt leones?Where Are the Lions? / Ubi sunt leones?

23. 9. - 17. 12. 2020
22. 9. 19:00




We are excited to announce that we are reopening the exhibition on Thursday December 3 until Thursday December 17. See you all! 

The exhibition Where Are the Lions? / Ubi sunt leones? investigates the phenomenon of human fascination with overcoming physical and psychological limits through adventures, extreme sports, and explorative expeditions. The exhibition's title itself, derived from cartographic markings on unexplored territories (Hic sunt leones) reminds us that it is easier today to climb the highest mountain on earth than to locate an unknown spot on our planet. 

The exhibition attempts to observe the story of artists-explorers from both historical and contemporary perspectives, following their various motivations and objects of fascination. At the same time, the exhibition draws attention to the dilemma of today's adventurers, who want to satisfy their romantic lust for exploring new sites and simultaneously act responsibly toward our ecosystem. The title of the show, therefore, can also be posed as a metaphorical question: where are today's "lions" and their unknown territories? 

This project connects international and Czech artists, combining loaned artworks with works commissioned and made specifically for the exhibition during the first half of 2020.

Where Are the Lions? / Ubi sunt leones? 
with works by Filip Dvořák (CZ), Jiří Franta & David Böhm (CZ), Felix Kiessling (DE), Nataša Kokić (RS), Štefan Papčo (SK), Alexander Ponomarev (UA), Macarena Ruiz-Tagle (CL), Vladimír Turner (CZ)
curated by: Eva Riebová
production: Jan Vítek 
architecture: Heinich & Stibitz

opening: 22nd September (Public House event)

curator's text 

guided tours: 
Sunday 11. 10., 16:00 
Sunday 1. 11., 16:00