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Kinedok presents: Funne (IT/HR)Sea Dreaming Girls

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Kinedok presents: Funne (IT/HR)

13. 4. 19:00

A group of „girls“ in their eighties are attending a meeting at „The Rhododendron“, the local women‘s club. Today, they are discussing an important matter. The crisis hit hard and this year the club doesn‘t have the money to organise the long-coveted trip to celebrate the club’s twentieth anniversary. The trip is special also because many of the club members will get to see the sea for the very first time. The women‘s attempts to get funding through the usual means - embroideries, cakes and polenta sold at country fairs - are not enough this time. Erminia, the energetic seventy-year old president of the club, her faithful friend Armida, the village‘s best ballroom dancer and Iolanda, also known as miss apple pie, have an idea: what if they, too, make a calendar ang go sell it door-to-door at Christmas time, just like the local firefighters club does? The calendar will have to be something truly unique and special, full of their energy, their longing for freedom and of their desire to get away from the mountain.

Funne: Sea Dreaming Girls (2016)
Director: Katia Bernardi

With English subtitles 

Entry: free.

This screening is part of Public House event, which presents four dramaturgy departments of MeetFactory during one night.