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Kristina Finderland: The great nurse Mira’s assistant of honour

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

13. 4. - 29. 5. 2022
12. 4. 18:00

The exhibition of Kristina Fingerland in the Gallery Kostka corresponds with the MeetFactory Gallery’s group exhibition Mladí a klidní / Young and Restful in emphasizing hand-craft, which is helped, besides other things, by her intergenerational inspirations and collaborations. The exhibition is loosely based on Kristina’s diploma thesis “Oikos” as it opens a new chapter and tells a story conveyed into space. Oikos represents a place of coexistence and mutual care of its more-than-human inhabitants for whom the artist creates a broad background of made-up history and mythology. However, magical and fairy elements in her stories are tightly tied to her own everyday reality. War of the roses and washing legs of those in need are not just metaphors.

Kristina Fingerland: The great nurse Mira’s assistant of honour
13. 4. –29. 5. 2022
Opening: 12. 4. 2022 
Curator: Tereza Jindrová

Curator's text

Exhibition Photos by Studio Flusser

The artists would like thank to Natalia Burlutskaya, Marie Tučková, Mirjana Vujičevič, Samuel Cigler, Olbram Pavlíček, Oikos, Jan Vítek & MeetFactory crew.
Exhibition Photos by Studio Flusser

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