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Dennis DeSantis Masterclass

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Dennis DeSantis Masterclass Dennis DeSantis Masterclass

10. 6. 20:00

Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers 

Making music is hard. With so many possibilities available, how can you make meaningful musical choices? Within the Prague Museum Night at MeetFactory you can participate on Dennis DeSantis masterclass that is similar to the one, that he hold at CTM and ingenious Berlin-based music hardware/software company Ableton. Composer, sound designer and percussionist Dennis DeSantis, who is Head of Documentation for the company and wrote the popular book Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producerswill explain how he create the music. 

In an era marked by unending technological support, this handbook is instead devoted to supporting the often-overlooked mental and emotional fabric behind the creative process. Emotions and vulnerabilities are both key ingredients in and offshoots of making music — the very hurdles involved in creating give rise to new emotions, exposing hitherto concealed vulnerabilities. In this talk, which is open to beginners and pros alike, DeSantis will explore different types of creative strategies for getting started, making progress, and (most importantly) getting music finished.

Masterclass is the part of the Prague Museum Night at MeetFactory

Dennise DeSantis masterclass is supported by SHAPE platform. 

Free entrance.