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Pragokoncert presents: Doro (GE)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

18. 12. 20:00

The legendary Doro back in Prague this December!  
The whole metal world knows that DORO is true "Queen of Rock & Metal" and she has been on a peak of her career for 3 decades. For this year she is back to let us remind that she is a true metal goddess. During her work in the music showbiz Doro got golden and platinum awards, sold more than 10 million records, performed 2,800 live shows in 60 countries worldwide, released 16 studio records and four DVDs.

Doro Pesch used to work as a graphic designer, but in 1982 she decided to start singing and formed the band called WARLOCK. In 1989, the band had already a lot of fans, so she decided to leave Warlock and solo career under moniker Doro has followed. During the giant world tour in the USA, South America, China, Japan, Australia and Europe got a huge fan base.  

This year DORO, her band and special guests will perform almost forty concerts across Europe and Asia. And Prague is not missing amongst the numerous gigs! Prague will be the only city in the Czech republic where Doro will perform. Do not miss the only DORO´s gig in CZ at Meetfactory on December 18!  

Tickets for a special price CZK 650 on and presales TicketProtal, TicketPro and TicketArt.

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