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The National Geographic Student Expeditions

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

10. 7. 16:00 - 19:00

Prague Photography Exhibition showcases images taken by thirty-two high school students hailing from the United States, Mexico, China, and Lebanon. For the last seven days they have been immersed in the regional culture and local sights of the Czech Republic, taking in both the famous sights and the roads less travelled to capture images of Bohemian people and places.  

During this program, the students studied different technical aspects and styles of photography and applied their newfound skills to photographing Prague and the surrounding regions, including Šumava, Kutná Hora, and Český Krumlov. Through their lessons and their lenses, the group captured distinct photographs of the Czech Republic’s striking beauty. This collection of images showcases each student’s best shot. 

The photos displayed demonstrate the techniques they learned, along with a creative, original, and behind-the-scenes story of each student’s personal connection to the image. This gallery show will be open for only one day July 10th at MeetFactory, a non-profit international center for contemporary art.

Along with studying photography during the program, the students were tasked with putting on a gallery show. They were involved from start to finish with every detail of this show, from image selection, hanging, and promoting, down to the details of the music selection and even the refreshments table. 

The students participating in this program have worked very hard to take their newfound skills from the classroom and incorporate them into shooting photographs of the beautiful structures, people, and places in Prague and the Czech Republic.  They are excited to share their unique perspectives of this beautiful country and we hope you enjoy their images!