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The Third Lie (Eng. subs)

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

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This screenplay is based on the trilogy of novels by Hungarian author Agota Kristof, The Notebook, Proof, and The Third Lie.

Director: Aleš Čermák / Screenplay: Matěj Samec / Music: Matouš Hejli / Production: Dominika Andraško 

Starring: Jakub Gottwald

Ask yourself what truth is. Ask yourself what the right thing really is. What is true passion? Is there such thing as true love? And how can you recognize it? It is cruel? Cold? And what about human morality- Can murder be justified? Defensible? Can it ever be explained as the naivety of an innocent child? Or perhaps characterized as the epitome of authenticity in action? Must we do everything that is asked of us? Are there some circumstances in which it is possible to kill a man without remorse? What about the men who are tempted to take justice into their own hands? It is necessary to avoid a fascination with evil or, rather, should one let evil intoxicate himself? Therefore making him into a monster that has the courage to defy all moral inhibitions?

The world that Kristof creates in her works is one of extreme cruelty and violence. It is a dangerous place, full of hatred, in which no one can be trusted. Largely unfeeling monsters that, lacking empathy, engage in unpredictable and spontaneous actions inhabit this world. They do what is necessary in order to protect those close to them. This is a thrilling ride which engages with themes of 
destruction, love and loneliness, promiscuous, desperate, and attention-seeking sexual encounters, desire and loss, truth and fiction.

In Czech with English subtitles

Entry: 200 / 120 CZK (student and handicapped discount)

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