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Public house

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

13. 4. 19:00

Improve your peace of mind. Walk through the models of historical greenhouses. Meet the art in the residential studios. Discover new talents in electronic music. Sink into the dark matter of unconventional detective story. Travel to the sea with pensioners. Do you still have the doubts about what is going on in the factory with red cars that are hanging on the walls? This year‘s first Public House‘ program shows that the factory lane of our ideas is running as hell.

The opening of exhibition Fake It Till You Make It 
14/4–27/5 2018
Artists: Andy Kassier, Christian Falsnaes, Isabella Fürnkäs, Basim Magdy, Pia Sirén, Marianne Vlaschits, Anna Witt
Curators: insitu collective 

The exhibition takes on the increasing trend of pushing oneself to a more efficient and improved persona through different strategies and methods proposed in ‘self-help’ books.

Exhibition Rodrigo Arteaga: Placed into Abyss
28/2–13/4 2018 
Curator: Eva Riebová 

Artist talk with Rodrigo will be part of the last day of this exhibition that explores the historical development of greenhouses. 

The guided tour of the biggest residential program in the Czech Republic will be led by the curators Lucia Kvočáková and Piotr Sikora. 

The artists Klara Rudas (HU), Georg Schöllhammer (AT)Hedwig Saxenhuber (AT), Miklós Zsámboki (HU), Elisabeth Orr/Micah Angelus (US)Sidney Aelbrecht (BE)Jiří Žák (CZ)Romana Drdová (CZ) will open their studios. 

Julie Zeh: Dark Matter – Public rehearsal 
Director: Lucie Ferenzová 
Translation: Jana Zoubková
Actors: Kristýna Frejová, Jakub Gottwald, Michal Balcar, Markéta Dvořáková 

Before there will be a premiére of Julie Zeh´s Dark Matter dramatization we will introduce you this unconventional detective story within the public rehearsal. 

Caterina Barbieri

Oko DJ

The documentary film Funne – Sea Dreaming Girls will be screened in the cooperation with KineDok. The group of female pensioners plans who lives in the northern Italy village plans an extraordinary trip. None of them has seen the sea and it is time to change it. 

Entry: free 
07:00 pm doors open  
07:05 pm Rodrigo Arteaga: Artist Talk 
07:30 pm Fake It Till You Make It - opening
08:00 pm Julie Zeh: Temná energie - public rehearsal
08:30 pm residential floor´s guided tours 
09:00 pm KineDok: Funne - Sea Dreaming Girls 
09:00 pm music hall opens
09:30 pm TouchieTouchie (live) 
10:30 pm Caterina Barbieri (live)
11:30 pm OKODj (dj-set)
01.00 am Aitcher Clark (dj-set)

08:00–00:00 open studios, 2nd floor open

Prague Jerk Station