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Anouk Kruithof

Kruithof is fascinated by the emotional and mental condition of people and how this is manifested in behaviour and act in society and time in which she lives. The starting point is her personal experience or fascination with a subject and in her project based work she combines the conceptual thinking with aesthetics. In the last 6 years she examined the limitations of the medium photography. Photography is her main medium, but since 2008 she started to work with installation, video and performative actions. Her recent work shows how she determines the borders of this media.  Anouk Kruithof is very much interested in the printed book as a form to show her projects. She published 3 artistbooks: Playing borders (2009), Becoming Blue (2009) and the Black Hole icw Jaap Scheeren (2006). Her work has shown internationally in ACP Sydney, MAMAC Liege Belgium, FOAM Amsterdam, Künstraum Niederösterreich Vienna, Stedelijk museum Amsterdam, Temporäre Künsthalle Berlin and museum het Domein Sittard among many others.