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Anticorp Solar


Anticorp Solar (Vlad Constantinescu) was born in Bucharest, Romania, where he lives and works.

His practice focuses on a ludic, spiritually and emotionally driven approach to “the space” in which objects (including the ones represented in various mediums and systems of information) act as living characters. The transposed narrative is used as a means of reflection on various systems of belief and living concepts such as transcendence, autonomy, determinism and the relation between reality and fiction. As a beatmaker/soundartist he is focused on bringing together experimental/extreme music and conceptual sound.

In 2016 he founded the artist collective Banki-Sklianki in Moscow, Russian Federation. In 2017 he presented visual works at the exhibition “Inhabitants” at Make a Point gallery in Bucharest. He also had works featured in publications such as “Liminal. The Good Life Issue” and “ODD Theory. 2018”. In present he colaborates within the collective at ODD art & theory space in Bucharest. As of the year 2018 he performs live with the electronic/experimental music duo Autem together w/ poetess and performer Cosmina Moroșan.


He studied linguistics at the University of Bucharest (bachelor programme) and The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute (master programme)

Selected exhibitions and works: 

2018 – “Makeshift Wanderer” (pictorial) - ODD Theory 2018, Bucharest 
2017 – “Sentient” (pictorial) The Good Life Issue – Liminal Festival, Bucharest 
2017 – “Inhabitants” (exhibition) – Make a Point gallery, Bucharest
Date of residency: 
31. 1.–30. 4. 2019