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Marion Rénier

Marion Rénier

Marion Rénier, performer and sculptor, lives and works near Lille, in the north of France. Her work revolves around the notion of the cocoon which can be a rejuvenating envelope or what prevents us from existing. Until now, she has worked on the female body as a cocoon dominated by patriarchy and capitalism, the earth as a cocoon of bodies and living things, but also on waste as a part of us that accumulates and that we no longer know what to do with. Through this theme, she creates compostable pieces and performances that question the relationship of the artist to the public and of the artist to storage. 

Currently, she is carrying out research on performance as an object of study and an anthropological tool to design a relational analysis of our ways of uniting. 

She began her studies at the art school of Tourcoing, in the north of France, then she did an Erasmus at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and she has just finished her studies at the art school of arts and media of Caen in Normandy. 

Selected exhibitions:
2022  Collective exhibition « Hors-Saison » at the Colline aux Oiseaux in Caen, collaboration with Peter Trelcat
2021  Perennial sculptures made in the Przemysl forest in support of the Inicjatywa Dzikie Karpaty for the future national park 
2020  Residence at the Bouquetot eco-domain in Saint Pierre Azif for the creation of a permanent installation
2019  Collective scenography for the exhibition « Trésors (é)motifs » at the Maison Folie Hospice d’Havré in Tourcoing

The residency of Marion Rénier is supported by Bubahof.

Date of residency: 03.07. 2022 –30. 09. 2022