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Sonia Verguet

Sonia Verguet Sonia Verguet Sonia Verguet

Sonia Verguet (1981) lives and works in Strasbourg in France. Her work is mainly questioning the immobility in the craft tradition. Why the notions of tradition and evolution feel angry ! Subjects related to the vernacular animate her and inspire many of her works. She collaborates with local craftsmen by revisiting either object typologies or regional materials.
She has been very interested in the meaning of food for 15 years. She is actually writing her third book about food design, it will be published in October 2023.
She uses different materials with no distinction between them: potatoes, steel, sandstone or silicone. She allows her thoughts to become different shapes: video, functional objects, books, installations, images... Her last residency was at the International ceramic studio in Jingdezhen in China where she had the chance to work 2 times in 2017 and 2018. Her work is supported by the city of Strasbourg, the Région Grand Est, Drac and the French Institut.

Sonia Verguet studied art and design in 2 art schools: Beaux-Arts of Dijon and HEAR of Strasbourg. She graduated in 2004.

Selected exhibition: 

  • Design, look! a video made for the web-chanel Mon Œil of the Pompidou Center Paris
  • Food design: 4 collective traveling exhibitions in China - commission Marc Brétillot 
  • Invitation from La Fabrique of the Pompidou Center Paris for 4 months residency and exhibition about food and technologies
  • Acquisition from the Alsacien Museum of the videos of the project Rhin
  • Food performances for Collectible design fair,  Bruxelles and MUDAM Museum of contemporary art Luxembourg


Date of 1st residency: 4.4.2023 - 30.6.2023
Date of 2nd resindency: 25. 3. 2024–15. 4. 2024