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  Press Release / MeetFactory Gallery / Afterbirth of a Dream    

Afterbirth of a Dream
Galerie Meetfactory, Praha 10. 6. – 5. 9. 2017 (opening on June 10 at 7pm)artists: Jan Brož, Leon Eisermann, Zsófia Keresztes, Estrid Lutz & Emile Mold, Carl Palm, Anna Slama & Marek Delong, Pavel Stereccurators: Christina Gigliotti & Jan Zálešák  

Afterbirth of a Dream
is a stand-alone sequel to two projects curated by Jan Zálešák, Apocalypse Me (Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem, 2016) and Letting Go (Trafó Gallery, Budapest, 2017). The themes in these exhibition projects included the crisis of humanity; re-formulating the relationships between the worlds of humans and non-humans; thinking about a future that would not be contaminated by human subjectivity, or the non-human thinking of the future – are further developed in the Afterbirth of a Dream exhibition in curatorial collaboration with Christina Gigliotti, an American curator active for several years on the Prague scene. With her major contribution, the selection of artists represented at the Letting Go exhibition (Jan Brož, Zsófia Keresztes, Anna Slama & Marek Delong, Pavel Sterec) has been extended by other prominent personalities from the emerging generation of contemporary European art (Leon Eisermann, Estrid Lutz & Emile Mold, Carl Palm).

With new names, or new authorial positions and poetics, and with a shift to a dialogic way of forming a curatorial narrative, new themes have come to the fore, while the others, mentioned above, have gone through revisions. The common leitmotif of the informal trilogy remains focused on the frontier regions of the human world – areas where borders between realms of the human and inhuman are dissolved. This subject is not new in itself; it is rather an ever-renewed path towards what is being displaced from our lives that are subject to the inexorable "non-ideological" logic of everyday life. Seen from this perspective, Afterbirth of a Dream can be put into the development line of modern art that attempted to move away from the sphere of "normality", from this supreme domain of a modern, rational entity. One of the key mechanisms for shaping modern subjectivity was the cultivated experience with the linear text. Our present subjectivity, on the other hand, is shaped by a delirical experience with the constantly rearranged and transforming content of the Net, floating as a ghostly representation over the not well-kept facade of "reality," beyond which, in fact, nothing is at it seems. Under the surface of human bodies there is a symbiotic multispecies universe, beneath the displays of smart devices machinic assemblages of human and inhuman, below the surface of consciousness there are nebula of dreams and affections, ready to explode at any time and then absorb everything like a black hole...

Many of the authors represented in the exhibition focus on site-specific installation and sculptural objects or collages in their current work. Zsófia Keresztes will introduce a new work in which she further develops her poetics of "new new figuration", where the motivation of the human figure is replaced by posthumanist perspectives. One could describe the works of Estrid Lutz and Emile Mold in a similar way, except that in their assemblages, rather than "anonymous materials", there are elements clearly belonging to the world of technology and violence, undergoing the techno-animistic transformation in the course of the creative process. The deflection of objects from production and distribution trajectories governed by capitalist pragmatics is also characteristic of Carl Palm's oeuvre. Working with certain liquid or maleable materials, he gives gallery spaces and objects more fluidity by obscuring or covering their original forms. As such these objects stop being readily available, yet they bring our attention to focus on other, non-utilitarian qualities. Anna Slama and Mark Delong are preparing a new installation confirming their current interest in the emotional appeal of the artifact and deepening their controversy with the cultural dominance of the dematerialized flow of virtual images. The interest in affections and emotions, spontaneity associated with the discovery of a world that is in direct experience always a bit different from what the "adults" tell us, is characteristic of works by Leon Eisermann who will contribute to the exhibition not only with his objects but also with drawings and paintings. That a greater degree of knowledge does not necessarily have to lead to the "enlightenment" of the world and disguising everything in it as a clear structure, is an important message of Pavel Sterec's video called Syndicates of Life. As one of the few works, the Syndicates in the process of preparing the exhibition are already a finished work, which will be re-installed in another context with a new reading. The same can be said of the contribution of Jan Brož, based on the principle already tried in the Trafó Gallery – for the Afterbirth of a Dream exhibition, however, the author will develop an existing series of digital prints on transparent films with new motifs corresponding to the overall shift in the thematic focus of the exhibition.    

Portfolios and CVs online:

Jan Brož
Leon Eisermann
Zsófia Keresztes
Estrid Lutz & Emile Mold
Carl Palm
Anna Slama & Marek Delong http://annaslama.com
Pavel Sterec    


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MeetFactory is supported in 2017 by a grant from the City of Prague amounting to 10.000.000 CZK.
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