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Call: Welcome Back Club

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

30. 11.

MeetFactory is happy to announce the results of the call for Welcome Back Club.  After a long and inevitably painful process of selection, the committee decided to invite for the residency two MeetFactory alumni: Mark von Rosenstiel and Gili Avissar.
We are very sorry for the delay in the open call results. Many thanks to all of the residents who applied for the call - we promise to open it again in the future. 

It is nice to be back! After 12 years of running Residencies, we are pleased to establish a program dedicated to MeetFactory alumni. Welcome Back Club of the MeetFactory A-i-R invites you to apply for a two-month residency in Prague. Do you miss Prague? Do you want to come back to MeetFactory and see how our place has developed in recent years? If yes please apply for our call tailored specifically for former residents of MeetFactory AiR. 


What do we provide:

  • accommodation in a shared apartment,
  • studio space,
  • a fee of 700 euros gross per month,
  • a production budget of 200 euros. 


Please make sure you will be able to spend at least 80% of your residency time here in Prague. 

Interested applicants must send the following information in English:

  • CV,
  • short description of the reason why you want to come back to Prague,
  • updated portfolio.

The call is dedicated to former residents of MeetFactory A-i-R. 

1st of June - 31st of July 2023 - 60 days 

Applications are due on 30th of November, 2022
Selection results will be on the 20th of December 2022 the latest 

Committee: MeetFactory Artists In Residence team 

Please send all of the documents to with the tag Welcome Back