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Andrew Gilbert

“A personal obsession” is how Andrew Gilbert describes the dominant subject of his work. In his paintings, installations and sculptures the Scottish born artist occupies himself with the excesses of British imperial wars in the south of Africa and allows the public to immerge themselves into his multiply disturbing inner world.

“Andrew the Zulu Queen, some kind of crazy African Napoleon, exists in an imaginary setting before 1879,” is how the Berliner-by-choice explains the background of his works. In this setting before the bloody victory over the Zulus in the decisive battle of Ulundi, African war gods eat European war gods and in ethnographical museums Zulus learn about the primitive life of European soldiers.

“I want to describe a certain feeling, which creeps over me when visiting European museums,” says Gilbert. Eurocentrism, the fetishizing of Africa, war propaganda, Anti-Islamism, Anti-Semitism, Zionism, these are the topics Gilbert is looking at in a cynical, naïve way.

Andrew Gilbert is in Prague from April until June 2010 as an Artist in Residence of the Goethe-Institut Prag at MeetFactory. He is working in a temporary studio at MeetFactory, where his work will be showcased on the 23rd of June.