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bela, Jena Jang, mvd0ae

bela, Jena Jang, mvd0aebela, Jena Jang, mvd0aebela, Jena Jang, mvd0ae

bela (KR), a Berlin-based artist on the SHAPE+ platform 2023-2024 roster, collaborates with Prague-based artists Jena Jang (KR) and mvd0ae (MX) in a week-long residency to develop an installation/live-performance “Spider Lilies Breathe Together”. As artists working in modern rituals, voices, and electronics, they will together create a room for active/intensive listening with spatial audio where both performers and listeners can roam freely. In this room, a collective research takes place to engage complex expressions such as voice/language as noise, lowercase music, subhuman rage, and painful meditation of gender and displacement. The performers bela and Jena, seemingly bound to the earth, will start activating sounds stored in memory cards/memories. Sliding into penitentiary poses facing ground, the duo crawls around the pre-installed devices around the room and vocalize and converse in whisper and growls. mvd0ae then intercepts the room’s acoustics with mics dropped down from the ceiling, morphing and mediating the atmosphere to the spatial arrangement. All sounds will stay silent enough to invite listeners close to the performers. There will be no sudden movements, just an enduring continuation of quiet trembles, shortage of breaths, and occasional relocations.


bela is a musician and a performance artist based in Berlin. On stage, bela growls through a diary of poems and slogans over a composition of electronic pungmul music. bela reclaims the depths of queerness and miscommunication through the process of a ceremony where celebration of club sounds meet their vision of Korean folk music. Their 2022 tour with okkyung lee and Yeong Die included shows in Cafe OTO, the white hotel, A4 Bratislava and more. bela performed for CTM Festival(2023), Unsound Festival Kraków (2022), and Rewire Festival (2022) and has supported the likes of Pharmakon and Eli Keszler. bela also participated in Berlin’s citywide exhibition Out of Scale: transmediale (2023). Their releases include [Guidelines] (Éditions Appærent, 2021), [2020] (Helicopter Records, 2021), [why are you so lost sweetie] (Podunk Label, 2020). bela also played as a DJ at clubs in Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai and Berlin. They are in residence with the Psychic Liberation event series, having done international radio shows for PL with HÖR and Montez Press Radio. bela is a co-runner of Sorrow Club*: a mixed event series involving music and performance from global acts such as Ana Roxanne, Lucy Liyou, Salamanda and Swan Meat.

Jena Jang, a Korean audio-visual artist based in Prague, combines ancient artistic traditions with contemporary expression to explore innovative healing methods. Using multimedia art mediums, including vocal and dance improvisation, DIY synthesisers, amplifying ready-made objects, and live visuals, they create boundary-pushing live art pieces that address past traumas and promote emotional healing. Drawing from Butoh's concept of 'body without organs', they channel emotions for shared experiences during performances. Inspired by shamanism and nature patterns, their art transcends cultural boundaries, resonating deeply with the human psyche. Their doctoral research, "Contemporary Art of Healing (2019-2025)," integrates childhood memories with various audiovisual mediums, collaborating across both wide musical and visual spectrums to engage all our senses. Through psychedelic visuals, nature imagery, and improvisational techniques, their project fosters healing energy for both themselves and the audience.

mvd0ae is a Jalisco-born, Prague-based interdisciplinary artist and musician. mvd0ae’s musical practice revolves around the cultural entanglements that sonic materials evoke, and manifests
them with a sense of dissonance through fractured rhythms, juxtaposing focused stillness with feverish turmoil. Together with Cachaza and CÁRPATOS, he is part of the collective o_u based in Guadalajara, Berlin and Prague. They have hosted and performed next to artists such as Okay Vivian, Javier Areal Vélez, su_dance110 and Nesso among others in underground venues in London, Berlin, Brussels, Utrecht, Guadalajara and Prague. He is an active member of the Prague-based collective Punctum. mvd0ae has released music as part of compilations such as siq~1 by Ultravirus and MUTANTS VOL. 2: RIOT by mutantsmixtape, as well as sporadic independent releases. His first EP Onán Convulso, consisting of music produced between 2019 and 2021, is set to be released in 2024 through XION.


Residency outputs:

Spider Lilies Breathe Together - Performative installation by bela, Jena Jang, mvd0ae
2. 5. 2024 20:00–21:00
MeetFactory, Prague
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Open studio
2. 5. 2024 18:00–22:00
MeetFactory, Prague

bela is an artist supported through SHAPE+ in 2023/2024. SHAPE+ platform is co-financed by Creative Europe and financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.
Date of residency: 9. 4. – 19. 4. 2024

SHAPE+ is a three-year initiative co-funded by the European Union and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.