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Flóra Gadó

Flóra Gadó (1989) is freelance curator, art critic and Ph.D. student based in Budapest.


She graduated in 2015 from Eötvös Loránd University with an MA in Art Theory. Currently, she is enrolled in the faculty’s Ph.D. program in Film, Media and Cultural Theory.


Flóra Gadó has curated exhibitions in Hungary and the neighbouring countries, such as the Studio Gallery, Gallery 2B and Labor (Budapest), the Tabačka Gallery (Košice) and Klubovna Gallery (Brno), and in 2015, 2017 within the framework OFF-Biennale Budapest. She took part in several curatorial residency programs, like Meetfactory in Prague, Nova Cvernovka in Bratislava or the East Art Mags program for art critics in Romania. She contributes critiques and reviews to several online and offline magazines, like and Balkon. She is the vice president of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association. Lives and works in Budapest.