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Jana Slaby

Jana Slaby

Jana Slaby, born 1987 in Berlin, is a Berlin and Leipzig based visual artist working mostly site-specific and in various media, emphasize observing, experiencing and critically researching the surroundings, working with it and its given materials. She aims for a contemporary art practice where she radically reduces working with plastic materials or materials that are not degradable. Coming from the field of photography she expanded her work into installations, sculptures, performances, video and sound works. Jana loves interdisciplinary projects and cooperations with various professions and fields. Since 2019 she grows her own artistic material out of Kombucha and works with its slime. Experimenting, coincidence and deformation play a decisive role in her artistic practice. She co-founded and run the artist-run gallery KASKL in Berlin and since the pandemic is part of the artist-run space sunnybrookartcenter in a trailer close to Leipzig on the countryside, in a huge garden that she shares with other artists.

She studied Cultural Sciences at European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Photography at Ostkreuzschule for photography in Berlin Weißensee and Fine Arts with focus on photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig where she graduated with a diploma in 2019. She has a strong connection to Finland where she lived and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts/Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki in 2014-2015.

Selected Exhibitions:

Artistic and performative walk together with the philosopher Christian Driesen for the Art Collective Graffitimuseum in Berlin about Meaninglessness, formlessness and liquids, Dragonerareal Berlin- Kreuzberg
BABY SHARKS, Silo Walls in the middle of a field on the island Rügen, curated by curator Sophia Pietryga and the artists Ronny Szillo, Marie Athenstaedt, Maximilian Kirmse and Andy Kania Sammlung Simonow, Wellenmaschine, Berlin
DOSIS I, Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig
CHRYSANTHEME, f/stop, Studio H18, Spinnerei Leipzig
Opus, Studio H18, Spinnerei Leipzig

raus.project, WELCOME TO MY CRIB, curated by Paul Glaw, online + live stream
DRIP, Sunny Brook Artcenter, Leipzig + Online (solo)
Fliegen und Winde, with Matthias Sommerer, Berggut Oschatz, curated by Martin Lytke

We all should be Lichens, a/o Kunsthalle, Leipzig
Show & Try Again, Curatorial Program, Galerie HGB, Leipzig
Heebie-Jeebies, Kunstraum Ortloff, Leipzig (solo)

This Is Fake - Art and Immersion, Autumn Academy, Festsaal, HGB Leipzig
QUITT, KASKL, with KASKL Kollektiv, Berlin
Pictures for Donald, Werkschauhalle Spinnerei, Leipzig
I know I know I know, with KASKL Kollektiv, Bistro 21, Leipzig

Date of residency: 17. 11. 2021 - 15. 12. 2021