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The artistic duo Monotremu, formed in Timișoara in 2010 by Laura Borotea and Gabriel Boldiș, is known for its ironic-critical artistic practice, focused on the apathy and shortcomings of Romanian society, context and civilization which, like the ambiguous zoological category of monotremes—the term which inspired the pseudonym the two use—is placed in an area that is still being clarified with an uncertain status, somewhere between mammals and birds (concerning monotremes), somewhere between East and West (concerning Romania). It is a class apart, primitive according to certain criteria, but better said, unclassifiable and impossible to integrate into pre-established structures. From 2012 they have been developing Minitremu, a creative lab facilitating access to contemporary art for kids and teenagers.


The duo's educational background sums up an M.F.A. in Fine Arts along with a mix of Politics and
Sociology studies.

Selected exhibitions:

- 2019 3rd edition of Timișoara Art Encounters Biennale, curated by Anca Rujoiu and Maria Lind (RO)
- 2019 The Collective Gaze: Samples of something that concerns us all , Paintbrush Factory Cluj, (RO)
- 2019 Bridges, Tranzit House Cluj, (RO)
- 2017 In Situ, B5 Studio Targu Mures, Magma Saint George, Misc Timisoara, (RO)
- 2016 Normality, Such a Brutal Word!, MNAC Bucharest, RO
- 2015 The Sons And Daughters Of Brâncuși. A Family Saga, Plan B Cluj, Magma Saint George, Helios Timisoara (RO)
- 2015 Few Were Happy with Their Condition, Kunsthalle Winterthur (CH)
- 2014 Redemption Day/The Last Archive, Bucharest (RO)
- 2014 Good Guys Win Only in Movies, Salon Video showcase, HAU Berlin (DE)
- 2014 Disenchantment Day, Salonul de Proiecte Bucharest (RO)
- 2013 MAYBE3 / End of the worlds, Magma Saint George (RO)

Date of residency: 16.07.2021 –⁠ 31.08. 2021