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Paula Gehrmann

In her practice Paula Gehrmann consequently negotiates presence and actuality of situations, contexts, and conditions she comes in touch with. Her installations are assembled in situ and organized in relation to a perceived space, its architectural, cultural and social premises or by simply referring to the exhibition space and its co-'inhabitants'.

Her working method usually begins with a photographic observation process, uncovering spatial patterns and social materiality as a dense cluster of information and potential. Further Gehrmann engages with a set of industrial building materials like aluminum, MDF panels, and Plexiglas that expand three-dimensionally and complement the illusionistic value of the image space. Varying in function as a frame, backdrop or exhibition architecture, her longterm project DISPLAY reveals itself as a relational sculpture, suggesting options for modification and participation. Through emphasizing on the anatomy of artistic production and reception and therefor blurring the line between functional and cultural object, the performing elements, including the visitor, may be confronted with their own negotiability.

In the course of her MA studies at the Academy of Visual Arts Paula Gehrmann, originally from Berlin, moved to Leipzig in 2008.

The residency is in the cooperation with Fotograf Festival.