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General Business Terms and Conditions of using the website


The internet domain is owned and operated by MeetFactory, a public-benefit company, Company reg. no. 264 66 708, residing at Ke Sklárně 15, Prague 5, registered with the Companies Register kept at the City Court of Prague, section O 219 (hereinafter, the "MeetFactory"). Any user who has been granted access to the website undertakes to adhere to the General Business Terms and Conditions hereunder as well as to any and all valid and legally binding regulations applicable in the Czech Republic. Users shall also undertake to refrain from causing any harm to the goodwill and reputation of MeetFactory or of its website.  

The website as a stand-alone product shall be regarded as a work covered by copyright within the meaning of Section 2 of Act no. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act. Operator shall be entitled to making use of all rights to the website content as a whole by virtue of its license pursuant to copyright law. Operator by virtue of its license shall also be entitled to the use of individual elements of the website, especially of photographs, design, graphics, logos, texts, sounds, etc. The use of any part of the contents of the website shall be restricted to private purposes only. Any publication, copying, dissemination or commercial usage of the contents of the website without the expressed prior written consent of MeetFactory shall be prohibited. In case of any breach of copyright, MeetFactory shall exact compensation and all further claims for damages pursuant to Czech Republic legislation.  

User acknowledges and shall consent to access the website bearing in mind that it is prohibited especially, to interfere with the safety and security, technical principles, or contents of the website or to misuse the website in any other manner; to intervene in the use thereof by other users; to employ the website for the purpose of distributing unsolicited messages (spam) or chain messages; to send any messages containing viruses or any dangerous or harmful programs to the website; to avoid any attempts at accessing those parts of the website of which the use by the public is not allowed, especially to the source code etc.; to distribute any messages or materials thereon that would violate applicable generally binding legislation of the Czech Republic.  

The provisions under this Article shall not apply to any legal relationships arising from the sales via the website of entrance tickets of which the design, layout, or arrangement is regulated by the General Business Terms and Conditions applicable to the sales of tickets referred to below in this document. The contents of the website are only of an informative and non-obligatory character. Operation shall not be held responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information shown thereon. The publication thereon of any data and information, with the exception of these general conditions of using the website, shall not be construed as constituting the execution of any legal act directed toward establishing a legal relationship between Operator and User.  

1. Operator cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to User due to the User having followed the content of the website and in connection with using the website.  

2. User shall be entitled to undertaking any changes to the information and contents of the website, without any prior notification.  

3. Equally, Operator shall not be held responsible in any way for any advertisements or any other form of promotion posted by any third party on the website.  

4. Further, Operator shall not be held responsible for the content of any websites owned by third parties that can be accessed via the website.  

1. MeetFactory within the framework of the server, organizes competitions and contests in which any natural person fully qualified to enter into legal acts may participate. MeetFactory reserves the right to condense or cut short, to interrupt, or to cancel any such competition or contest, or to alter the rules thereof.  

2.Any individual shall be eligible to take part in the competition/contest who accepts the rules thereof, meets the conditions thereof, and also meets the conditions listed below: Will answer the question assigned in the announcement of the given competition/contest via a SMS, e-mail, reply form, or other means of communication allowing for the reply. His/her answer to the question asked in the particular competition or contest shall be sent in by the contestant in the form prescribed and in compliance with the guideline shown in the assignment thereof. Within the framework of his/her answer to the question asked, the contestant shall also specify his/her name and surname, and telephone or e-mail contact unless otherwise directed by the assignment of the competition/contest. The contestant agrees to having his/her name and surname disclosed in the results of the competition/contest as posted on Organizer's website, or as the case may be, in journals or magazines published by Organizer.  

3. The competition/contest shall start on the date of being announced by Organizer on its website, and shall terminate on the date indicated in the competition/contest announcement. SMS and e-mail messages, reply forms, and answers communicated by other means shall not be entered in the competition/contest by Organizer if delivered after this latter date. Evaluation of the competition/contest shall take place within the period of one month from the termination date at the latest. The number of contestants who shall win the awards shall be determined in the competition/contest announcement, pursuant to the rules specified therein. The competition/contest Organizer reserves the right to supervise whether the conditions of participation in the game have been met and to adjudge the claims to awards won. In disputed cases, the Organizer of the competition/contest reserves the right to final decision at its own discretion. The awards are unenforceable in a court of law. Organizer shall not be held responsible for any technical problems affecting the electronic communication taking place during the course of the competition/contest, and equally, shall not be held responsible in case of any difficulties experienced in participating in the competition/contest due to any technical failure or overload (stalling) of network communication.  

4. The awards shall be donated to the winners by Organizer, or as the case may be, by the company identified in the announcement of the competition/contest. The awards shall be taken over by the winners at their own risk; by accepting the award the winner shall assume complete responsibility for any damages that may be caused to him/her or to any third party by the use or application of the award. The Organizer of the competition/contest shall in no case be held responsible for any damages caused to the winners or to any third party by the awards or in conjunction with the use or application thereof.  

These General conditions of use shall be valid and effective as of the date of posting on the website, which is the date of 22. 04. 2016. Operator reserves the right to altering the wording of these General conditions of use at any time.  


1. The General Business Terms and Conditions hereunder including the Claims Procedure (hereinafter, „the Business Terms and Conditions“) define and specify the rights and obligations of MeetFactory and of Buyer relating to the sales of tickets allowing entrance to any cultural, social, sports, or other events (hereinafter, „the Events“) mediated by MeetFactory.  

2. Contacting MeetFactory shall be construed as contacting the individual responsible by telephone, contacting this individual either by connecting with his/her personal telephone number or e-mail if this is known, or with a generic telephone or e-mail indicated in the Contacts section.  

3.These Business Terms and Conditions constitute an integral part of the contract concluded between Buyer and MeetFactory, and the Buyer by purchasing the tickets confirms to have acquainted himself/herself with these Business Terms and Conditions, and to have expressly acknowledged these Business Terms and Conditions to be part of the contractual arrangement agreed upon between Buyer and MeetFactory.  

4. MeetFactory will sell the tickets via the website of MeetFactory, and also via its sales outlets and its contractual partners' sales outlets (hereinafter, „the sales network“).  

5. Purchasing the tickets as part of cumulative orders directly from MeetFactory or via its sales or other department shall also be construed as purchasing the tickets via the sales network.  

1. The subject of contract shall be the obligation on the part of MeetFactory to supply the Buyer with tickets for the Event of the Buyer's choice, in a quantity determined by the Buyer, and the obligation on the part of the Buyer to defray the cost of the said tickets.  

2. The contact shall be concluded by tbe Buyer delivering the payment.  

3. MeetFactory undertakes to deliver the tickets to Buyer without undue delay on having received the admission fee, with the understanding that in case of purchasing the tickets over the internet they will be delivered in an electronic mode to an e-mail address specified by Buyer, and in case of purchasing the tickets by another method via the sales network (at the MeetFactory booking office, or at MeetFactory's trading partner) they will be delivered to Buyer immediately upon paying the admission fee, by the sales clerk who has received the payment. Buyer shall not be entitled to receiving the tickets prior to having settled the admission fee in full.  

4. All contractual obligations of MeetFactory shall have been discharged by delivering the tickets to Buyer.  

5. No tickets are sent by post or on a cash-on-delivery (C.O.D.) basis.  

1. Buyer takes cognizance that MeetFactory is not the Organizer of individual Events for which the tickets are sold. The sales and distribution of the tickets for individual Events to Buyers  by MeetFactory is always undertaken on behalf and to the account of the Organizer of the Event in question, on the basis of a contractual relationship between MeetFactory and Event Organizer. The purchase of the ticket for an Event gives rise to a legal relationship between Buyer and the said Event Organizer. Therefore, MeetFactory cannot be held responsible for any obligations to be met by Event Organizer that will have ensued from the contractual relationship between Buyer and Event Organizer.  

2. MeetFactory shall in no way be responsible for any Event taking place or not taking place; shall not be responsible for any alteration to the Event or the date or place thereof; and shall not be responsible for the course, development or progress of the Events, neither for anything that may have happened during the course of the Events or for any facts that may have arisen due to any particular Event taking or not taking place. MeetFactory shall not be responsible for any obligations on the part of the Event Organizer. Further, MeetFactory shall not be responsible for any damage to property or immaterial harm caused to Buyer or any other person by Event Organizer, or caused to Buyer or any third party in conjunction with an Event. All claims by Buyer or any third party shall always be filed with Event Organizer.  

3. Buyer having purchased a ticket undertakes to abide by the rules set out by Event Organizer. Also, Buyer having purchased a ticket undertakes to submit to the operating and visitor rules of the place where the Event is held.  

4. Any Event Organizer reserves the right to altering the program, date and time, and place of the Event. The visitor having purchased a ticket acknowledges this Event Organizer's right.  

5. MeetFactory shall not be responsible for the validity and authenticity of any tickets purchased outside its sales network.  


1. The price per ticket is shown individually for each particular Event. Also shown are any potential additional fees connected with the purchase of the ticket for each Event.  

2. In case of purchasing the ticket via the website the payment can only be made using a payment card enabled for internet purchasing.  

3. MeetFactory shall not be responsible for any costs accruing to Buyer in conjunction with the purchase of the ticket arising from the contractual relationship between Buyer and the bank that has issued the Buyer's payment card, or as the case may be, the bank that keeps the Buyer's bank account from which the admission fee was paid.  

4. No tickets are sold on the cash on delivery (C.O.D.) basis.  

5. The maximum number of tickets purchased for one performance or concert is 4 tickets per person in all pre-sales. 

1. In compliance with the provision of section 1837 indent j) of Act no. 89/2012 Coll. the Civil  Code as amended by subsequent legislation, Buyer shall not be entitled to withdraw from the contract concluded with MeetFactory pursuant to the stipulation of section 1829 of the Civil Code (withdrawal from contract within 14 days without stating any reasons therefor), owing to the fact this this is a contract concerned with leisure time pursuits where the obligations are discharged by a business, specifically by the Event Organizer in this case, within a specified time or period.  

1. Any claims relating to tickets purchased by MeetFactory via the sales network shall be governed by these Business Terms and Conditions and by the Claims Procedure as specified in this Article VI.  

2. Buyer shall be entitled to having the price of the ticket returned solely in the cases listed and under the conditions given below.  

3. Buyer shall not be entitled to ticket replacement. In case of damage to the ticket or of destruction, loss, theft, or other adulteration thereof, the ticket shall not be replaced by a new ticket and Buyer shall not be entitled to any compensation.  

4. MeetFactory shall not be responsible for any failure to deliver the ticket to Buyer for reasons resting with the Buyer, particularly for the reason of failing to deliver the ticket to Buyer by sending it to the  e-mail address specified by the Buyer (for instance, due to full e-mail box, a spam filter, etc.).  

5. In case of Buyer failing to receive the ticket within 1 hour at the latest from having paid the admission fee, the Buyer shall contact MeetFactory without delay and within 24 hours at the latest from the date of expiry of the aforementioned deadline specified for ticket delivery, with the announcement that the ticket paid for has not been received. For these purposes, Buyer shall inform MeetFactory of the name and e-mail representing the contact or identification data used in purchasing the ticket. In case of MeetFactory ascertaining that indeed the said ticket has not been delivered to Buyer and that this is not a case covered by the stipulations of the foregoing paragraph 4 of this Claims Procedure while at the same time, the Buyer has informed MeetFactory of the non-delivery of the ticket within the deadline and in the manner specified above, the procedure to be adopted shall be as indicated below in this paragraph 5.

  • MeetFactory undertakes to re-send the ticket to Buyer within 24 hours at the latest but at least 1 hour ahead of the time of the Event, to the e-mail indicated by the Buyer.
  • In case that the Event has passed already, MeetFactory undertakes to return to Buyer the admission fee paid for the ticket, within 30 days at the latest from the date of the Buyer's claim.

  6. In case of the Event being cancelled completely by Organizer, a message will be sent informing the Buyer of this cancellation, to the Buyer's contact (e-mail, telephone, postal address, fax, etc.) given to MeetFactory. MeetFactory shall not be responsible to Buyer for being unable to reach the Buyer in time via the said contact, or for the cancellation message dispatched in good time reaching the Buyer with a delay.  

7. In case of the Event being cancelled completely by Organizer, the admission fee will only be returned by MeetFactory, according to the procedure specified below, to the financial amount made available to MeetFactory by Organizer. This financial amount shall be understood to comprise in particular the funds cashed in for the sales of tickets from Buyers by MeetFactory and as yet not transferred from MeetFactory to Event Organizer. In the proportion to which the Buyers' claims will remain unsatisfied the responsibility to the Buyers lies exclusively with the Organizer of the cancelled Event and not with MeetFactory.  

8. In case of meeting the conditions for the return of admission fee as per paragraph 7 of this Claims Procedure, the admission fee will be returned to Buyer as follows:

  • In case of tickets purchased electronically via the website the admission fee will be returned to the payment card that has been used to pay for the ticket(s), and in case of a payment made by bank transfer it will be returned to the bank account from which the admission fee was paid.
  • In case of tickets purchased at a MeetFactory sales point or a sales point operated by a MeetFactory contact partner, the admission fee will be returned by the method to be chosen by Buyer, on the condition that the Buyer will contact the sales point where the ticket was purchased and will hand over the ticket without undue delay (within 7 days at the latest from the originally intended date of the cancelled Event).

  9. Any claims other than those outlined above shall be handed over by MeetFactory to Organizer, to be treated by or directly dealt with by him. On the Client's request, a direct contact to Organizer will be provided.  

 10. It is not possible in any way to make any ticket-related claims to MeetFactory in conjunction with any Event for which the Client has not purchase the ticket within the sales network.  

1. MeetFactory when selling the tickets, collects and stores personal data provided by Buyers who purchase the tickets, on a voluntary basis. MeetFactory only collects and stores these personal data to an extent indispensable for the purpose of the ticket sales. MeetFactory collects and stores the data on electronic information carriers in a secure data repository that is only accessible to individuals charged with personal data processing. The personal data are protected in compliance with the provisions of Act no. 101/2000 Coll. on Personal data protection, as amended by subsequent legislation. MeetFactory undertakes to only collect and store the personal data for the period indispensable for the settlement of all rights and obligations between Buyer and MeetFactory arising from the purchase of tickets via the MeetFactory sales network. In line with the said Act, MeetFactory is entitled to entrust a third party with processing the personal data.  

2. During the course of the sales, MeetFactory will process personal data solely for the following purposes: For the purpose of delivering the ticket to Buyer, informing the Buyer of any alterations concerning the Event or the tickets, and allowing the Buyer to enter the Event, including data sharing with the pertinent Event Organizer as long as this is necessary for ensuring the Buyer's participation in the Event; For the purpose of Buyer identification in case of settlement of claims pursuant to the Claims Procedure as given hereinabove; For the purpose of discharging MeetFactory's statutory obligations.

3. Buyer by providing his/her personal data to MeetFactory or by purchasing the ticket, agrees to having these data processed as specified above.  
4. In case of erroneously entered data (such as of misspelled name or telephone number), Buyer shall be obliged to contact MeetFactory.  
5. MeetFactory will store the personal data for an indispensable period no longer than 3 months, whereupon the data are erased. A Buyer wishing to have the information erased at an earlier term may contact MeetFactory asking to have his/her data erased. In case of a cancellation, alteration, or in other situations arising in conjunction with an Event, it will be impossible to contact the Buyer who shall receive no compensation.  

6. In case of Buyer expressly wishing it and expressing his/her consent, MeetFactory will transmit his/her e-mail to Event Organizer for the purpose of commercial mailings.

1. If any of the provisions of these Business Terms and Conditions and the Claims Procedure becomes invalid or ineffective, this shall in no way prejudice the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions of the Business Terms and Conditions and the Claims Procedure that can be separated from the provision held to be invalid or ineffective.  

2. MeetFactory shall be entitled to altering these Business Terms and Conditions at any time.  

3. All and any provisions of the Business Terms and Conditions hereinabove as well as of the Claims Procedure and of the legal relationship established between Buyer and MeetFactory shall be governed by Czech Republic law.    

updated IN PRAGUE, 24 MAY 2018

MEETFACTORY, public-benefit company