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Lucrecia Dalt + Adela Mede

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

23. 4. 20:00

Colombian experimentalist Lucrecia Dalt opens new sonic doors with each of her albums. With her instinct for discovery and introspective experiments, she unravels the mysteries of ancient mythologies and narrates the stories of ethereal entities, while in her evocative complex compositions, she uses a wide pallete of synthesizers, analog instrumentation and, last but certainly not least, the processed glow of her voice.

On her eighth solo album ¡Ay!, she returns from Berlin, where she has lived for a couple of years, to her native Colombia. The album tells the story of Preta, an extraterrestrial being who arrives on our planet and encounters the earthly concepts of time, physicality and love for the very first time. ¡Ay! is not only a technical masterpiece, but also a bold statement about cultural identity that is garnering success with fans and music critics alike. Come hear and feel it live at MeetFactory on Sunday, April 23.

„The Colombian musician sketches a sci-fi vision of bolero, son, and other classic genres she grew up with. It’s philosophically daring, technically ambitious, and a joy to experience.“ (— Pitchfork)

The guest of the night will be none other than Adela Mede, Slovak-Hungarian musician and singer whose works explore themes of home and spiritual growth. She draws on a wide scope of influences and incorporates elements of minimalism, contemporary vocal techniques or Eastern European folklore into her work. Trilingual singing, field recordings, experimental electronics and vocal processing intertwine to create intimate, powerful compositions. Her debut Szabads​á​g has been supported by The Wire, The Quietus, Dazed and NTS Radio, among others.  

490 CZK via MeetFactory & GoOut
590 CZK at the door