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MeetFactory, o. p. s.
Ke Sklárně 3213/15
150 00 Praha 5


Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Public House

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory
Public House

2. 5. 18:30

Galleries + Theatre + Music + Artists-in-Residence = <3

Join us for the spring edition of Public House, the cross–genre finale of a busy season at MeetFactory.

Mimicry of hybrid sculptures within the Borders of Ambiguity and glimpses into the past that is yet to come illuminated by The Light of Just One Lamp+ Four premieres of diaristic collages from the journeys of theatre theory students + Aural alchemy courtesy of SHAPE+ platform + Tour around the studios of artists from Spain, Slovenia and Ukraine = <3

Opening: Boundaries of Ambiguity
MeetFactory Gallery

Ten artists whose common approach is a creative balance between free art and design through challenging experiments in shape and material. Featuring Julia Gryboś & Barbora Zentková, Johana Hnízdilová, Anna Jožová, Audrey Large, Judita Levitnerová, Tadeáš Podracký, David Střeleček, Roman Štětina, Tereza Vinklárková.

Opening: The Light of Just One Lamp
Kostka Gallery

Incomplete or parallel realities of objects and objects whose form is deliberately difficult to anchor in time. Futurist aesthetics are mixed with the museum panorama. The solo exhibition of the artist duo Alex Selmeci and Tomáš Kock Juska at Kostka Gallery follows their diploma exhibition from 2023 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Premiere: Request Stops

All of us have been through departures and arrivals, while some spend a significant part of their lives on the road. A diaristic collage of journeys, stops and crossings of human paths. The final scenic performance of a student collective from the Department of Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts, CUNI, who will host four premieres during the evening. 

Open Studios
Guided tour with the curators of MeetFactory's residency programme

The possibilities of interspecies communication, relations between the physical territory and mental spaces of the Canary Islands, nostalgia, fiction, magical thinking, the process of objectification of female bodies in contemporary society. Eight artists–in–residence exploring the themes that resonate within the residential floor of MeetFactory and beyond. The program's curators Kateřina Pencová and Piotr Sikora will present their work and activities during a guided tour.

Kata Benedek: Queer In/Visibilities in State-Socialist East Central European Cultural Fields 
Jack J. Halberstam In a Queer Time and Place wrote about “climates where homosexual identity is not forbidden but simply unthinkable”. Our current episteme suggests something rather similar about the state-socialist queer lives and cultural production in East Central Europe. However, the more challenging it is to ask questions about the unthinkable, the more important it is to do so. Can relevant cultural artifacts help to formulate the questions? Of course, they can.
The Hungarian case.

Urban Space Epics

Urban Space Epics is a project started by author/programmer/performance-poet Darrell Jónsson in the 1980s as a framework to combine 20th century experimental film techniques, innovative music, and epic narrative chants into live expanded cinema.

SHAPE+ x Public House

Premiere: Audio-performative installations and experimental sonic environments created during SHAPE+ platform residencies

Paul Gründorfer, Maria KomarovaMichal Cáb
belaJena Jangmvd0ae

SHAPE+ live

Morita Vargas

During the evening, the 2nd floor (artist Michal Škapa's studio and photography studio) and the Silkscreen workshop, which can be found next to the Kostka Gallery, will also be open. 

Free entry


18:15 Theater performance Request Stops  (1. floor, studio 38)
18:30 Exhibitions Opening
18:45 SHAPE+ (theater hall)
          Paul Gründorfer, Maria Komarova, Michal Cáb
19:00 Open Studios: Guided Tour (1. floor)
19:00 Theater performance Request Stops  (1. floor, studio 38)
19:45 Theater performance Request Stops  (1. floor, studio 38)
20:00 SHAPE+ (theater hall)
          bela, Jena Jang, mvd0ae
20:00 lecture (1. floor, studio 21)
          Queer In/Visibilities in State-Socialist East Central European Cultural Fields
20:30 Theater performance Request Stops  (1. floor, studio 38)
21:00 Morita Vargas live (foyer)
21:00 Urban Space Epics performance(1. patro, studio 17)
22:00 NZE NZE live (foyer)


18:00 – 20:00 Silkscreen Workshop
18:00 – 23:00 photography studio + Michala Škapa studio (2. floor)

bela, NZE NZE, Morita Vargas and Paul Gründorfer are artists supported through the SHAPE+ platform co-funded by the European Union and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.