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Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

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The first solo presentation of the acclaimed Hungarian art group Little Warsaw in the Czech Republic, whose mainly sculptural intervention regularly causing a disturbance at the national and international scene, total installation of the Jan Poupě - winner Critics Awards for Young Painters 2014, the first open studios of our new residents in this year, consultations, performances and special afterparty - all of this you can see in February inter-genre evening at MeetFactory.  

The exhibition Fightlessness is the first solo presentation of the art group Little Warsaw in the Czech Republic. The prevailingly sculpture exhibition develops several parallel narratives that have been in the center of interest of Little Warsaw, along two basic lines: individual confrontation with the external world and with oneself.  

In the center of the Flow exhibition stands a monumental object, dominating the space of Kostka Gallery. Here its author further develops his long-term interest in natural and meteorological phenomena, this time stepping out of the two-dimensional canvas, trying to grasp this complex theme by means of a complex environment – a total installation.  

The small listening room in the MeetFactory foyer will show a modular performative installation DungeonTT by Norwegian musician Lars Holdhus (releasing under TCF moniker) and Czech artist Martin Kohout (Jindřich Chalupecký award nominee), created out of ceramics, tea and 4-channel sound. A performative installation will be presented as a part of the SYNAPSE project initiated by Insomnia Festival in Tromsø, Norway and MeetFactory which is funded by EHP 2009-2014.  

The our new resident, Sian Dorer, will show a dance performance at her studio no. 23 called Black Felt Fantasy, which is concerned with the meaning of the void and what constitutes our presence in surrounding environment.

Przemyslav Branas, another member of the our residential programme, will show at his studio no. 21 12hours performance named Übung, built-up of black table, white highlighter, chair and 1 kg of sugar. He will activate through the counting up all the sugar crystals numerous meanings and connotations.

Do you prepare for academies of visual arts or do you want advance your art works? You can visit our new educational platform MeetF Academy, where a well-known artists David Černý and professor emeritus Kurt Gebauer will analyze your portfolio with you. Price: 500 CZK. More info:

The first floor of MeetFactory will be open for the first time in this year with our Open Studios – come meet nd chat with these artists: Rona Stern (IL), Anne-Claire Barriga (FR), Juraj Gábor (SK), Sian Dorrer (UK), Büro für kulturelle Übersetzungen (DE), Przemek Branas (PL), Viktor Valášek (CZ) a Urban Space Epics (US).  

The originally „factory“ band Střešovická kramle will play at the end of the evening with special guest - our new resident Sian Dorrer.  The concert of Střešovická kramle is a part of Open Studios organized by the Artist-in-Residence program.