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Aleksandra Słyż • SHAPE+

Aleksandra Słyż • SHAPE+ Aleksandra Słyż • SHAPE+ Aleksandra Słyż • SHAPE+ Aleksandra Słyż • SHAPE+

Aleksandra Słyż is a Polish composer, sound designer and sound engineer, currently living between Stockholm and Poznań. In the latest live performances Aleksandra has been focusing on finding subtle connections between acoustic instruments and modular synthesizers, creating rich and diverse drone structures, slowly, yet intensely pulsing and resonating within the surrounding space and the listener.

Interactive sonification systems are another large part of her artistic practice. Since 2017 she has been conducting an artistic research, which applies practical experiments on movement/gesture sonification and human proprioceptive reflexes, as well as different types of interaction. Aleksandra’s works have been presented at various music & film festivals in Europe and USA, including e.g. Avant Art Festival, Between Festival, Kiev Music Festival, Open Source Art, Sanatorium of Sound, Unsound, Up To Date Festival.

Aleksandra Słyż is at MeetFactory as part of the SHAPE+ platform residency. During her stay in Prague, she will collaborate with dancers from the 420People group (Eliška Jirsová, Simona Machovičová), Polish choreographer Anna Kokocińska and Polish VJ Maks Posio. Her work will be presented at Open Studios (2 March 2023), and she will have two performances in June - in Prague (MeetFactory) and Poznan.

Date of Residency: 14. 2. – 3. 3. 2023 


SHAPE+ is a three-year initiative, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.