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Rona Stern

Rona Stern
Rona Stern is a visual artist based in Tel-Aviv, creates her work by connecting daily images found in her immediate environment using the syntax of marketing and commercial language. The inspiration may come from decorative items found in flea markets or strange combinations randomly gathered on a billboard. She infuses these images with basic shapes derived from ancient structures to create combinations which unfold a story of a subjective reality - a variety of disguised interests co-existing in the public sphere.

Her aim is to disassemble the realm of the spectacular consumed by the masses, whether consciously or by lack of choice; this is done by using imagery, mostly through abstract shapes and primary colors, which are so abundant in the media world of today - an attempt to trace the origins of these default images and shapes we are so familiar with.

Rona Stern holds a B.Ed. FA from Hamidrasha School of Art (2011), where she graduated with honors. Her recent solo exhibitions include Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv (2015), and Sapir Academic Gallery, Sderot (2011). Stern has participated in various group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, including the Sokol gallery, Nowy Sącz (2012) and the Petah Tikva Museum of Art (2014).

The performance of Rona Stern during the Open Studios on 18 Feb. was supported by the Kera Servis company.