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Thomas Bischoff

There is movement in air.

How to move an object by ingenious transmission systems or by a rotating mechanical effect, ascending or descending without forgetting the surprise and emotion factor is the question must surely arise Thomas Bischoff more than any other.

The passage of time and the fragile balance between balance and imbalance, like gravity, inertia, forces of nature, and of course the mechanics are his areas of research. Weight, counterweight, gravity, force of the wind, fire or water, manual pulse are all stimuli that inspire his work and push them to redial indefinitely.  

The desired movement is becoming more independent, and even more surprising that the time scales are also random effect. The time in which we perceive the effects in the marks it leaves on the field, and the unknown time of the outbreak involved dynamism works by emotion it creates in the viewer. This one is invited to experience the rhythms, cadences, to feel the movement as representing time. It turns into instant, instant, unexpected, intermittent or slow.   The universe of the artist is metallic, many industrial scrap.

The strength of the metal, it draws sensations of lightness and fluidity, swirling effects, unexpected raids or poetic pendulums.

The technicalities that deploys often invites us to engage, trigger a gesture to launch the machine, then the magic happens, and visual surprise goes well with a mechanical music, a soft clicking or deafening din.

The metal is cut, but its industrial original form is still recognizable as respected and its usefulness is revisited. Nature prints its mark on the works done in order to exist in the open air out format. Finally, Thomas tells us stories enhanced by living in a raw aesthetic movement.

Text by Laurence Fort

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