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 The study’s main focus is the elements of painting / theory of colors, the painting’s composition, acrylicic paint, combined techniques. We prefer traditional concept of the lessons / real life painting studies and free creation. In the course of their studies the students get acquainted with the elementary techniques and themes of painting / acrylic, oil. With the help of relaxing exercise and color mixing we will arrive at the issue of the color space, Color surface and mass. Free creation follows. Drawing, imprimatur, underpainting, painting alla prima, laminated painting. The choice of topics is proposed by the tutor and discussed.    

Painting / still life, landscape, head, figure, interior, exterior, free creation Copy / by means of classical painting procedure _ oil on canvass, acrylic on canvass

The students use their own utensils / as recommended by the tutor.  

Price for one semester is 8.000 CZK. In case of two or more branches subjects chosen a discount applies.

Tutor - Aldin Popaja,

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