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The main focus of the sculpture studies is classical sculpting procedures, techniques and material usage. The basis is work with the clay. We prefer traditional concept of the lessons _ live model studies. Free creation follows. Relief_ modeling, simple figural motives, head modeling _ portrait, or according to a plaster model, casting in plaster mold, classical patination of plaster.  The choice of topics is proposed by the tutor and discussed.    

THEME STUDIES Modeling / relief _Bas-relief, Haut-relief, sunk relief, counter-relief, elements of figural composition / in space / simple depiction of figure, anatomy / after a model or own imagination.  Head / according to plaster or live model Choice of other models / plaster castings of hand, foot, renaissance portraits, child’s portrait, detail with the eye, lips Free sculpture / after one’s own proposal draft/ consulted with tutor, executed according to the studio’s possibilities / limited by size, see below.

The semester price includes one plaster cast – 3D object up to 30 cm and a relief 20x20 cm.

The students use their own utensils / as recommended by the tutor.

The rest available at the studio Price for one semester is 10.000 CZK.  In case of two or more branches subjects chosen a discount applies.

Tutor - Jan Slovenčík

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