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Olbram Pavlíček: rigged CRASHTEST

Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha MeetFactory

26. 7. - 29. 9. 2024

Olbram Pavlíček's artistic work is characterized by a long-rooted interest in the methods and tools through which the dominant political and social system shapes our bodies and minds involuntarily, and often unconsciously. The shapes of his objects refer to the estranging anonymity of industrialized products, whose possible purpose, however, remains only disturbingly suspect. They look smooth, soft and welcoming, and yet we can clearly feel the tang of danger from them. Pavlíček develops this ambivalence with detailed drawings in which humanoid beings intertwine with technological devices, cryptic symbols and unsettling fragments of post-digital reality. The rigged CRASHTEST exhibition continues his previous research into the impact of technological infrastructures on the individual, but here humanity itself is becoming more complicated and more outlined than ever.

Olbram Pavlíček is a Czech visual artist who shifts freely between sculpture, drawing and graphics. His work has been exhibited in a number of established Czech galleries (City Surfer Office, Prague; Berlin Model, Prague; PAF Gallery, Olomouc; NTK Gallery, Prague), as well as in foreign venues (Funkhouse Berlin, Berlin; HotDock Project Space, Bratislava; Werkschauhalle, Leipzig; Fotopub
Project Space, Ljubljana). He is one of the founders of the internationally active art-curatorial group Proto Gallery Systems.

Olbram Pavlíček: rigged CRASHTEST
26. 07.–29. 09. 2024 
Opening: 25. 07. 2024
Curator: Noemi Purkrábková

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