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Opening hours:
13:00 do 20:00 + based on evening program

Due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, this year’s edition of music-makers’ meeting Synapse Knowledge will be held throughout the year and spread out over multiple events. Apart from the multiday series of workshops and lectures that will take place at MeetFactory this fall, we are also preparing various offline and online educational events. 

Synapse Knowledge 2021
May 30: Emika | Online Masterclass
July 19 — 22: Workshop at Golden Hive recording studio
September 14: Lecture about the changes on on the music scene with Pavel Turek (Respekt magazine)
September 15 — 16: Synapse Knowledge 2021
Artists & lecturers: Rasmus Stolberg (Efterklang) •  Yantan Ministry • Katarzia • Avsluta • Marie Bláhovcová • Tomáš Havlen (post-hudba) and more
December 11: 
Synapse Knowledge w/ Bára Ungerová, Jaz Coleman & Koen ter Heegde

The programme of Synapse Knowledge is curated by MeetFactory in collaboration with Golden Hive Recording Studio, co-funded by MKČRSoundCzech and SHAPE platform.